The best affiliate marketing with Digibizonn for more growth

To increase the reach of your website, Digibizonn works a lot through affiliate constructions. This way of campaigning is particularly suitable for e-commerce environments. In short, the advertiser rewards a network for generating leads and sales. We offer premium affiliate marketing services to our esteemed clients. Increase Your Platform with Affiliate Marketing at Digibizonn. Thousands of publishers/sites are affiliated with networks that can choose to place your products, banners, or links on their site. If a relevant publisher is interested in listing your products, you will first receive a request that you can approve yourself. This way you maintain control over which sites you allow. You can also choose to only allow a few HTML5 banners on certain sites, but not the entire product feed. In affiliate marketing, advertisers are promoted by publishers. These are websites or other online media that forward relevant visitors to an advertiser. The advertiser pays a fee if one of the forwarded visitors completes a transaction. This fee is usually a few percent of the purchase price. The advertiser, therefore, knows in advance how much he has to pay per order. With Affiliate Marketing services you always have three parties. The publisher (the one who places the ad) and the advertiser (the one who sells the product or service). With innovative technology and personal service, Digibizonn has allowed both parties to work together optimally as an intermediary for almost 20 years.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing with Digibizonn

• Provide relevant content, at the right time, through the right channel
• Generate new qualitative leads and increase conversion
• Increase up-and cross-sell with existing customers

Pioneer in the field

Digibizonn is a pioneer in the field of affiliate marketing. We now have many hundreds of advertisers with an affiliate program.

Do you use webshop software such as Magento, Lightspeed, or any other technology for your webshop? Digibizonn offers ready-to-use integrations with most software. Users can effortlessly implement our services.

Are you interested in our affiliate marketing services or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact Digibizonn.

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