Scale your business’s growth with our email marketing services!

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel. Digibizonn offers premium quality email marketing services to our esteemed clients. Every new customer, lead, or prospect has cost you time and effort. And all that and then nothing more to hear from you? It is, therefore, crucial to continue to engage your target group with relevant content at the right time and as personalized as possible. Ideally, you should also do this automatically. This is the only way to ensure that new customers or leads turn into loyal ambassadors for your brand. At Digibizonn, we always have the right specialists ready for you. At the beginning of our collaboration, we look together at which activities you can perform yourself or with your team and which we carry out. We have copywriters, designers, and developers in-house to implement your email strategy. With this ideal form of co-creation, we arrive at the strongest content with the best possible result for your email marketing services. At Digibizonn, we believe in co-creation: we like to let you participate in the process. Who else understands the nuances of the target audience better than you? So without you, we cannot achieve online success. So expect a partnership with a lot of consultation and periodic evaluation of the results.

The benefits of email marketing at Digibizonn:

• Knowledge of newsletters and abandoned-cart mails to email automation flows
• All specialists in-house, from the word wizard and designer to the technician
• We optimize your email marketing based on data, such as click-open rates and conversion rates

With our experience, we help you to set up the most efficient process for your email marketing. With a combination of working with a content calendar and automating emails, we ensure that email marketing takes only a limited time. This way we can focus on optimizing the email flows.

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