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Through influencers, you have direct access to a large group of specific followers. It is therefore not surprising that many companies owe their growth to smart collaborations with influencers or influencer marketing. With more than 25 specialists, we help you with an influencer strategy: from selecting relevant influencers to reporting the campaign results. Welcome to Digibizonn. From well-known YouTubers to Instagrammers: you can no longer ignore influencers. The importance of using influencer marketing for your brand or company is increasingly recognized. To effectively reach your target groups, it can be interesting to collaborate with this new movement of 'influencers'. But what exactly is an influencer and how can you connect them to your brand or campaign? Come to Digibizonn. We offer you premium-grade famous influencer marketing services.

Social Influencers

Social influencers are people with a lot of followers on social media. These online influencers gain many followers because they are seen as an example in a certain area. They have an intensive bond with their supporters and are seen as reliable because they often have a natural affinity with the subject they communicate about. Whether it's about sports, food, fashion, and lifestyle or posts about their daily lives.

Our Experience

Digibizonn has good ties with social media influencers in areas such as social themes, sustainability, interior design, nutrition, and parenting. We know how to find the right influencers and the way to get them excited about a collaboration. Our experiences with other influencer campaigns are the basis of our services. Step by step we help your company to grow:

• Strategy: What are the campaign objectives?
• Content: How are we going to inspire and convince your target group?
• Outreach: Identifying and negotiating with relevant influencers
• Analytics: Make all actions measurable
• Evaluation: Discuss reports and learnings Do you want to know how to use influencer marketing for your company? Please contact us.

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