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A Motion Graphic animation is very clear and therefore ideal for displaying processes, information flows and data systems. They also do well at technical pitches, to explain and promote products and services during a trade fair or via your website and social media channels and they can clearly visualize reorganizations, among other things. Despite the businesslike tone, there is always room for a wink. Motion Graphic is a sleeker style and more businesslike than cartoon animation. That is why it is particularly suitable for animations that are shown in a corporate setting. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Digibizonn offers a wide range of Motion Graphic animation services to our clients. The price of a Motion Graphic video is mainly determined by the length of the animation. You always pay a hefty amount for a professional Motion Graphics animation of one minute. If you want an animation that is longer than 60 seconds, save paying extra money with Digibizonn. We use all-in prices, this includes everything you need such as a professional voice-over, music, sound effects, and an unlimited number of revision rounds. We only stop tinkering with your animation until you are 100% satisfied. This way you know in advance what you will get and what it will cost!

Our services We deal in animations & corporate films to complete video marketing strategies.

1. Custom Animation
2. cartoon animation
3. Whiteboard animation
4. Motion Graphic Animation
5. Company movie
6. Video Marketing

Method - Everything about our way of working, from our simple workflow to our fixed pricing model, is designed to make video marketing more transparent, smooth & effective.

• brainstorm - Together with you, we work out the core message of your story and determine the objective you want to achieve.
• storyline - Now that we know you and your story, we will work with you to develop the core message in the form of a script.
• production - When the script is completely ready, we will start producing the video that matches your story and the character of the company.
• delivery - After the video has been viewed, refined, and completed to your liking, the delivery takes place.

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