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Bing Ads

Social media is indispensable in the media landscape and is constantly on the move. It is indispensable within the online marketing mix when drawing up a data-driven digital marketing strategy. Where we used to spend days on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn are now extremely popular. But Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also social media channels that we do not miss. The power of social media marketing services lies in the many specific targeting options. Social constructively supports your content marketing and conversion-oriented campaigns.

Drawing up a social media plan: this is how Digibizonn approaches it

Depending on your objective(s), target group(s), the current status and performance of your social channels, Digibizonn experts draw up the best possible social media marketing services and strategies. From Christmas promotions and campaigns around holidays to your most important sales moments: we step in where necessary. Social media for every phase of the customer journey.

Digibizonn is a company that provide the best service to the clients.

Digibizonn provides:

• Actionable analyzes of existing social media accounts
• Insight into target groups and buyer personas
• Creative concepts for branding and sales campaigns
• A data-driven social media strategy
• Synergy with other (online) channels)
• Research, Analytics & Reporting
• Customized social workshops and courses

Our social team specializes in social media content, influencer marketing, and social advertising for all channels. We have creative development in-house.

Social Media Expertise: optimal coordination of creatives and copy

With clear agreements and a clear roadmap, you as a client know where you stand. Traffic Builders works proactively with a no-nonsense attitude and is of course aware of the latest technologies and tools. We are a full-funnel social media marketing company and push the boundaries of marketing with innovative solutions. In doing so, we challenge ourselves but also our clients. So, what do you think? Ready to roll up your sleeves and convince your target audience with a groundbreaking social media plan? Contact us!

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